Photographer: Gilli Girls Photography

Dearest Friends,

It is with immense happiness and great joy that we announce that the SOLO CLUB will remain open for the duration. We realize that the untimely and unfortunate passing of Suzanne created a lot of uncertainty in the midst of great grief. We continue to grieve with you, but the SOLO CLUB will continue to be the great place you've always come to know with just a few new things for all of you to enjoy. NO, we're not going to change the name, the theme or even the paint color. We just want to bring along some stuff we believe you will not only appreciate, but things you've been wanting for YEARS! We want to become THE place to go, again. We want to return to that SOLO CLUB you first got to see. We want to see old faces and new faces, we want to see you and your group of friends looking for a place to unwind and enjoy yourselves. If you loved the SOLO before, love us again.

With that said, we should tell you a little about Lauren and I. We are the son and daughter of an original First Lady of the Solo, Gena. We miss her terribly and this coming February, it will have been 11 long years since she left us. Our hope is that we can put the same amount of love and care into the place she called home and the people she came to call family and we hope you can share some great memories you might have of her so we can learn the kind of mark she left in here.

Soon, drink specials will be back, some new selections will be available and the parties....they will be epic.

So if it's been a while, think about popping your head in soon. You may not notice a huge difference immediately, but we're certain you'll want to keep coming back.

And as always, we love our customers. Thank you for making the last few years of our 60....great.

Rick and Lauren Rutledge